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Dual Boot UBUNTU 17.04 & WINDOWS 10 : UEFI Method

Dual Boot UBUNTU 17.04 & WINDOWS 10 : UEFI Method Ubuntu is pretty much the most popular Linux distribution out there. Why not it is free, simple to use thanks to its UI (user interface) which look like windows and its requirement which make it  capable of running on old PCs. The latest version of Ubuntu which is UBUNTU 17.04 is available Now, so let’s do together the Dual Boot UBUNTU 17.04 & WINDOWS 10 : UEFI Method. In this article I am going to show you with video how you can Dual Boot UBUNTU 17.04 & WINDOWS 10...

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Get unlimited music for free all android devices (No Root No PC) Fildo 2017

Fildo: Get unlimited music for free all android devices (No Root No PC) 2017 Hi everyone so , in this article, I am going to show one of the best app that allows you to download paid music for free directly on your android device without root and you will not need any computer in the process. All you need is your android device and this app which called Fildo.Fildo app is a music application that lets you download or stream top-quality music from around the world.There is one thing that makes Fildo app different from the other such...

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How To : Root Android Devices without PC

What Is rooting ? Rooting means giving yourself root permissions on your device , it’s similar running programs as administrators in Windows or running a command with sudo in linux. With a rooted phone , you can run apps that require access to certain system settings as well as flash custom ROMs to your device. Root Checker...

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Fully Fonctioning 329 USD MacOS Laptop!

    What is it? The HacBook Elite, which is a Fully Fonctioning 329 USD MacOS Laptop, is a so-called Hackintosh laptop that’s capable to run macOS and is quick enough to boot in only 15 seconds. It comes inside a HP laptop case and is fully upgradable after purchase, just like any Windows PC. All other specifications are roughly as good as an entry-level MacBook Pro, except for notable parts like the Retina display.       How do they achieve this price point? Why aren’t all Macbooks 329USD! The answer is clear and simple: Apple’s products suck...

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How to revive nearly dead laptops

I have had a rough experience with my laptop for a while. A dead GPU, a CPU that decided to stop Turbo boosting and paging issues… I used these steps to make it barely work so it can fulfill my needs, and this may help you revive nearly dead laptops in general: 1- Flash your BIOS! This will most likely solve any software related bugs on your PC. In my case, my BIOS decided to recognize my 3317U as a single-core, single-threaded CPU. So I flashed my BIOS and everything recovered. You will find the newest BIOS for your...

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