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TOP 5 : Best Music Player Linux Ubuntu

TOP 5 : Best Music Player Linux Ubuntu In this article, I am going to mention my top 5 free music player softwares which I consider with many others the Best Free Music Player Software For Linux Ubuntu 16.10& 16.04 LTS . Basically, all of these software are working on almost all Linux Ubuntu version from Linux Ubuntu 14.04 to the newest one which is Linux Ubuntu 16.10. TOP 5 : Best Music Player Linux Ubuntu -Audacious Audacious is a simple lightweight music player with the most basic options. It simply plays your already downloaded music on your hard...

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How to Dual Boot Deepin 15.1 and Windows 10 [ UEFI Guide]

  In this post, I am going to show you how dual boot Deepin 15 / Deepin 15.1 and Windows 10 on a Pc with UEFI firmware. This tutorial is Step by Step and in the end of this post you can find the video tutorial if you are not interested in reading. (I also hope that the pictures doesn’t bother you in matter of size ). First of all you should download Deepin 15 or Deepin 15.1 iso file  and rufus to create the bootable Deepin 15 usb flash drive. Download links :  Deepin 15.1  Rufus  1- Connect...

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