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Windows 10 latest update : less FPS and more cpu heat!

Windows 10 latest update : less FPS and more cpu heat! If you are wondering why you are getting less fps in your games and more heat in your cpu, then you are in the right place. The problem started after Windows 10 latest update which has a fix to Meltdown and Spectre Security Vulnerability . Meltdown and Spectre Security Vulnerability Impacts Intel most, but AMD, Arm as well Just before the closing bell on Wednesday, Intel released a statement responding to the security issues brought up in this story. While acknowledging that these new security concerns do exist, the...

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Intel’s Z390 Motherboards Start Showing Up

The first Intel Z390 motherboard has just appeared on SiSoftware’s database revealing that the new products based on the upcoming chipset may arrive sooner than expected. Intel Z390 Motherboard Appears Online – Will Support 8 Core CPUs, Arrival Expected Much Earlier Than Anticipated The Intel Z390 is a not a new name that we are hearing of, it appeared months before the Coffee Lake-S launch. At that time, there was no evidence of why Intel was producing the chipset but later, we got to learn that the chipset will be designed to support 8 core CPUs that Intel will...

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AMD Ryzen VS Intel Coffee Lake : Let the fight Begin

How about trying to settle the AMD Ryzen vs Intel Coffee Lake debate? It’s was  a big year for the two processor makers Intel and AMD, with multiple chip releases . Today we choosed the latest Cpu  from AMD and Intel,  AMD Ryzen vs Intel Coffee Lake, for this battle which will be on 5 rounds.   Let The Fight Begin. Your browser does not support the audio element. ________________________________________________ Round 1 : AMD Ryzen vs Intel Coffee Lake AMD Ryzen vs Intel Coffee Lake – pricing and availability When it comes to the basic suggested retail price of the two...

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Best Video Editing Laptops

  Video Editing, is a required task that always depends mostly on the strength of modifying the real videos . In the past only,  desktops could be used to Editing videos. Today , new and powerful laptops are available and Video Editors can use them. When Choosing the best Laptop for video editing there are many factors must be taken in mind , Actually  you need a laptop with a powerful processor with other good specifications, what you need exactly ? Let’s take a look at the best video editing laptops / specs you need   Capacity & The...

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New Zen Chipsets Spotted!

The new Zen chipset has been spotted! Mind you it’s the chipset on the motherboard not the actual CPUs. But before we dive into it let’s explore the actual new AM4 APUs that have been released and will be available on the AM4 platform. As shown in the table above, AMD will be relaunching its FM2/FM2+ series of APUs under new names (But essentially the same products) on the AM4 platform in a move to unify both the APUs and future CPUs on the same platform (And eventually make the FM series go away). We see AMD sticking again...

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