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Innovative Technologies CES 2017 Edition

Every new year, at one of, if not the biggest tech show, new revolutionary technologies are displayed. And this article will be wrapping up the coolest, most interesting of the bunch. iBUYPOWER’s Snowblind: Back where we left it, at CES 2016, the Snowblind case was just a project, a proof of concept. It was more like a testament that we could do this and e probably will. And that’s exactly what iBUYPOWER did. They took their time revamping the concept and trying to make it work. For those of you who didn’t know about it: Yes, that sidepanel is...

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First Look on AMD VEGA : Doom Ultra 4k over 60fps

Most of you guys are aware of the CES 2017 Event which is will end today unfortunately … But in this final day, Linus  was one of the fewest out there puttin their hands on the AMD VEGA. First Look on AMD VEGA : Doom Ultra 4k over 60fps According to Videocardz, we have a bit more information on the AMD VEGA 10 and VEGA 20. VEGA 10 – the first GPUs to be based on the company’s new architecture – may be available by the endo of the  first half of 2017. Following that a dual GPU Vega...

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Install Remix OS in External Hardrive / USB Flash Drive

During The CES 2016, JIDE announced their Free customized Operation System  called « Remix OS for PC » and users start downloading it on their PC or Mac.  Remix Os is a customized Android os which looks like Windows or Chrome Os. You can find a start menu , a notification tray which you can swipe in from the right side similar to windows 10 and OSX. you can actually right click everything which gives you that desktop atmosphere and of course you can run apps in individual window or Fullscreen.Another thing to mention remember always that you are using android apps so everything from Facebook to Instagram to Modern Combat 5 or Clash of Clans will work on Remix can use this operation system with your USB 3.0 or external hard drive  if you want a portable operation system which you can open and use with any other PCs or mac you own without installing it again or you can make a partition on your internal hard drive for a permanent I am going to show you how to install Remix Os on your external hard drive or USB flash drive and in the next tutorial I am going to show you how to install it in your internal hard drive for a permanent use . Tools you need:– Remix Os  DOWNLOAD HERE– Rufus DOWNLOAD HERE– USB Flash...

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Why Razer Blade Stealth Is The most effective laptop You’ll Ever need For work And Gaming?

Razer has just made records by winning an official  “Best of CES” award for six consecutive years.  This year, at CES 2016, Razer Blade Stealth gained the “Best of CES – Best pc” award. Razer is understood for making effective and proper searching gaming computers and Blade Stealth isn’t any exception. It enhancements its gaming pc variety by way of launching an ultrabook with the coronary heart of a...

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