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Windows 10 latest update : less FPS and more cpu heat!

Windows 10 latest update : less FPS and more cpu heat! If you are wondering why you are getting less fps in your games and more heat in your cpu, then you are in the right place. The problem started after Windows 10 latest update which has a fix to Meltdown and Spectre Security Vulnerability . Meltdown and Spectre Security Vulnerability Impacts Intel most, but AMD, Arm as well Just before the closing bell on Wednesday, Intel released a statement responding to the security issues brought up in this story. While acknowledging that these new security concerns do exist, the...

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AMD Ryzen VS Intel Coffee Lake : Let the fight Begin

How about trying to settle the AMD Ryzen vs Intel Coffee Lake debate? It’s was  a big year for the two processor makers Intel and AMD, with multiple chip releases . Today we choosed the latest Cpu  from AMD and Intel,  AMD Ryzen vs Intel Coffee Lake, for this battle which will be on 5 rounds.   Let The Fight Begin. Your browser does not support the audio element. ________________________________________________ Round 1 : AMD Ryzen vs Intel Coffee Lake AMD Ryzen vs Intel Coffee Lake – pricing and availability When it comes to the basic suggested retail price of the two...

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AMD RX VEGA 56 & VEGA 64 Benchmarks

AMD RX VEGA 56 & VEGA 64 Benchmarks Yesterday we did publish an article where we get some Unboxing of the new RX VEGA 56 and VEGA 64  and I promise to publish the benchmarks when they are available. Today, we got those benchmarks and we will post them here. So these are AMD RX VEGA 56 & VEGA 64 Benchmarks : System used in this benchmarks test specifications: i9-7900X 4.8 GHZ. MSI X299 XPOWER GAMING. G.SKILL RIPJAWS 4*4GB 3200MHZ CORSAIR H100I V2. CORSAIR HX1000I. AMD RX VEGA 56 & VEGA 64 CARD SPECIFICATIONS : AMD RX VEGA 56 &...

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GTX 1080 Official Benchmarks : The new performance king

The wait is over! The new Pascal GPU, the GTX 1080, hits the market today and the NDA has been lifted on every content creator that had the chance to get a 1080 before launch. So have Nvidia’s claims been true? Let’s first get a physical tour of the GPU itself. This is the newly redesigned shroud for the cooler that will be introduced with the new Pascal GPUs. It has a cast aluminum body with some plastic parts near the cooler and, as you probably have already noticed, the thing has a bunch of triangles. The sporty design...

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Mobile SLI compare to a desktop-class GPU : Aorus X7 Pro V5 VS Sager NP9870U2 G

Does the SLI graphics card configuration in Aorus’ latest X7 Pro stand up against the recent laptops we’ve seen with desktop-grade GTX 980s? Well after a couple of benchmark tests done by the famous LinusTechTips  where they managed to compare the New Aorus X7 Pro V5 with its SLI Nvidia GTX 970, 32 GB DDR4 and I7-6820HK  against the NP987OU2 G from Sager with its Nvidia GTX 980s , a 64 GB DDR4 and i7-6700K . theses are the result : We should also mention that,  the fans on the Aorus X7 Pro v5 was so loud whether it...

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