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Titanfall 2 Minimum Recommended Ultra PC Specs

 In this short article, we are going to talk about Titanfall 2 Minimum recommended Ultra Pc Specs If you’re planning to play Titanfall 2 in all its graphical glory at a 4K Ultra HD resolution, you better bring a serious arsenal of hardware to the battle. Developer Respawn and publisher Electronic Arts revealed Minimum, Recommended, and Ultra 4K60 specs (4K resolution at 60 frames per second). You need: Intel Core i7-6700K processor or equivalent 16GB of RAM 45GB of available storage space A 512Kbps Internet connection or faster And Of course a big and burly graphics card (only the...

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Logitech G102 Leaked Photos

After the announcement of the Prodigy Lineup from Logitech, which you can find out more about over here, Logitech seemed to be satisfied with their current releases of mice. Until this happened: A Reddittor by the name of “madn3ss795” snagged these shots from a local reseller at his town and, yes, you read it right, the newcomer to the Prodigy lineup: “The G102”. Which looks exactly like a GPro and feels like a G100s. In fact, this mouse is meant to be replacing the budget-friendly solution that Logitech has had for years now, which is the G100s, with a better...

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GTX 1080Ti Information Leaked

Back when we had 1050 information leaks, everyone thought that there would be no way for any other card in the meantime to be released or announced because we’ve had enough of them for the past 2 months that reviews have saturated our YouTube subscription box to the point where you have to fish out the one video that talks about something else from the 15, or so, GPU videos. And Nvidia thought that working on a new GPU and planning a release in the very near future is a very good strategy as their way of saying:”No your...

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Destroying Computers Using USB Sticks!

You might have thought of something like James Bond movies when you read “Destroying Computers Using USB Sticks!” because as imaginary as it might sound, we could’ve done this since the dawn of computers! But the question remains: Why, exactly? And the USBKill group’s answer is:”Because we can”. Meet the USBKill As cute and innocent as it might look, this dongle packs some very scary hardware under the hood (Of course scary for your components but nothing out of the norm) as it looks like this: And, yes you are correct, those are not flash chips, those are capacitors....

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Best Video Editing Laptops

  Video Editing, is a required task that always depends mostly on the strength of modifying the real videos . In the past only,  desktops could be used to Editing videos. Today , new and powerful laptops are available and Video Editors can use them. When Choosing the best Laptop for video editing there are many factors must be taken in mind , Actually  you need a laptop with a powerful processor with other good specifications, what you need exactly ? Let’s take a look at the best video editing laptops / specs you need   Capacity & The...

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