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Shall we all get to “meet” our unborn babies in VR experiences soon?

  Now it’s possible to meet your Child while he/she inside your wife using the VR. “A while ago I got an idea: how awesome would it be to use 4D ultrasound to scan my unborn baby and make a VR experience of that” well , a guy just had an idea to use the technology for something special for the first time in the world !   First:  take a 4D ultrasound and Then Place The 3D model in Unity Project     and Finally Put The VR Glasses and Enjoy the Experience !       I think...

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Best Video Editing Laptops

  Video Editing, is a required task that always depends mostly on the strength of modifying the real videos . In the past only,  desktops could be used to Editing videos. Today , new and powerful laptops are available and Video Editors can use them. When Choosing the best Laptop for video editing there are many factors must be taken in mind , Actually  you need a laptop with a powerful processor with other good specifications, what you need exactly ? Let’s take a look at the best video editing laptops / specs you need   Capacity & The...

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